Reproductive System
OUTCOMES 6.6, 7.13, 8.7, 9.9, 11.8, 12.5, 13.12,
15.9, 16.10, 17.11, 18.9, 19.8, 20.5, 23.4, 23.5
1. If an aged relative came to live with you, what special
provisions could you make in your household environment
and routines that would demonstrate your understanding of
the changes brought on by aging?
OUTCOMES 15.2, 15.6, 23.2, 23.3
2. One of the more common congenital cardiac disorders is a
ventricular septal defect in which an opening remains between
the right and left ventricles. What problem would such a
defect create as blood moves through the heart?
OUTCOMES 15.2, 15.6, 23.2, 23.3, 23.4
3. What symptoms may appear in a newborn if its ductus
arteriosus fails to close?
OUTCOMES 15.5, 23.4, 23.5
4. Why is it important for a middle-aged adult who has neglected
physical activity for many years to have a physical examination
before beginning an exercise program?
OUTCOMES 16.9, 23.2
5. Why can twins resulting from a single fertilized secondary
oocyte exchange blood or receive organ transplants from
each other without rejection, while twins resulting from two
fertilized secondary oocytes sometimes cannot?
OUTCOMES 23.2, 23.3
6. Toxins usually cause more severe medical problems if exposure
is during the F
rst eight weeks of pregnancy rather than during
the later weeks. Why?
OUTCOMES 23.2, 23.3, 23.4
7. What technology would enable a fetus born in the fourth
month to survive in a laboratory setting? (This is not yet
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