Chapter 7
Added scientif
c names to layers in
epiphyseal plate
Some labels added to f
gures to
correlate to muscle attachments
reFerenced in chapter 9
Table oF male/Female skeletal
diFFerences reworked/expanded in
side by side comparison
Chapter 8
New vignette on glucosamine and
chondroitin to treat arthritis
New illustrations For joint
movements using real people
Chapter 9
New vignette on the muscular
movements behind “texting”
PiriFormis and quadratus
lumborum added to muscle
Chapter 11
New f gure on brain and brain
Updated discussion oF Broca’s area
and Wernicke’s area
New f gures add detail to brachial
and lumbosacral nerve plexuses
New Clinical Application on
traumatic brain injury
Chapter 13
Clinical Application updates
perFormance enhancement
Two boxes update progress in
treating diabetes
Chapter 14
New chapter opener photo
Clinical Application case oF a
young editor with leukemia and
the “miracle drug” Gleevec
New Clinical Application on deep
vein thrombosis
New micrographs include the 5
types oF white blood cells
Moved up f
gure summarizing
blood composition
Improved f
gures 14.21 and 14.22
Update oF terminology
(hematopoietic stem cell)
New tables on ABO blood type
Frequencies and inherited blood
Chapter 15
Added coronal section oF cadaver
±igure 15.21 altered to emphasize
rather than valves
±igure 15.24 added schematic oF
general refl
ex arc to correlate with
the baroreceptor refl
ex control oF
heart rate
±igures 15.53, 15.57, and 15.58
redrawn to depict paired veins in
the upper and lower limbs
Chapter 16
New micrographs
Updated anti-rejection treatment
Added concept oF herd immunity
±igure 16.17
expanded to include
cytotoxic and memory T cells
Moved lymphocyte Functions to T
and B cell discussions For better
fl ow
Chapter 17
New vignette on gut microbiome
±igure 17.4 rearranged into one
column For better fl
New micrographs and new
corresponding line art
±igure 17.17
revised labels
±igure 17.19
new line art shows
three layers oF muscle
±igure 17.19
new micrograph
±igure 17.44 new radiograph oF
Chapter 18
±igure 18.1 expanded to include
the eFFects oF ghrelin on appetite,
with the text refl
ecting the
complexity oF appetite control
New photos For obesity/athlete/
Replaced Atkins diet Food pyramid
with Mediterranean diet pyramid
Clinical Application 18.1 on obesity
includes lap-band surgery and
updated inFormation on gastric
bypass surgery
Includes discussion oF BMI
Chapter 19
New vignette on secondhand
Updated coverage oF respiratory
Chapter 20
New vignette on a medical mystery
(Balkan nephropathy)
New f gures on nephron anatomy,
including representation oF the
macula densa as part oF the
ascending limb oF the nephron loop
New table oF developmental
abnormalities oF the urinary system
Chapter 22
New chapter opener photo
Moved meiosis to introduction,
beFore details oF spermatogenesis/
New micrographs
±igure 22.8 more clearly explains
number oF chromatids per
All new photos oF birth control,
including Female condom and
Updated STDs/sexually transmitted
inFections (STIs)
Chapter 23
The conjoined twins in Clinical
Application 23.2 are now teens!
Clinical Application 23.4 on living
to age 100
Human embryonic stem cells de-
emphasized to refl
ect other types
oF stem cells in use
Chapter 24
Complete update and overhaul to
ect change in Focus in f
New vignette on direct-to-
consumer (web-based) genetic
New Clinical Application 24.1
introduces modes oF inheritance
through genetic counseling cases
±inal section on gene expression
explaining anatomy and physiology
brings the book Full circle back to
chapter 1
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