Skeletal System
Passageways Through Bones of the Skull
Major Stuctures Passing Through
Carotid canal (f
g. 7.20)
InFerior surFace oF the temporal bone
Internal carotid artery, veins, and nerves
±oramen lacerum (f
g. 7.20)
±loor oF cranial cavity between temporal and
sphenoid bones
Branch oF pharyngeal artery (in liFe, opening is largely covered by
±oramen magnum (f
g. 7.24)
Base oF skull in occipital bone
InFerior part oF brainstem connecting to spinal cord, also certain
±oramen ovale (f
g. 7.20)
±loor oF cranial cavity in sphenoid bone
Mandibular division oF trigeminal nerve and veins
±oramen rotundum (f
g. 7.24)
±loor oF cranial cavity in sphenoid bone
Maxillary division oF trigeminal nerve
±oramen spinosum (f
g. 7.24)
±loor oF cranial cavity in sphenoid bone
Middle meningeal blood vessels and branch oF mandibular nerve
Greater palatine Foramen (f
g. 7.20)
Posterior portion oF hard palate in palatine bone
Palatine blood vessels and nerves
Hypoglossal canal (f
g. 7.27)
Near margin oF Foramen magnum in occipital bone
Hypoglossal nerve
Incisive Foramen (f
g. 7.20)
Incisive Fossa in anterior portion oF hard palate
Nasopalatine nerves, openings oF vomeronasal organ
InFerior orbital f
ssure (f
g. 7.18)
±loor oF the orbit
Maxillary nerve and blood vessels
InFraorbital Foramen (f
g. 7.18)
Below the orbit in maxillary bone
InFraorbital blood vessels and nerves
Internal acoustic meatus (f
g. 7.24)
±loor oF cranial cavity in temporal bone
Branches oF Facial and vestibulocochlear nerves and blood vessels
Jugular Foramen (f
g. 7.24)
Base oF the skull between temporal and occipital
Glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves, and blood vessels
Mandibular Foramen (f
g. 7.29)
Inner surFace oF ramus oF mandible
InFerior alveolar blood vessels and nerves
Mental Foramen (f
g. 7.29)
Near point oF jaw in mandible
Mental nerve and blood vessels
Optic canal (f
g. 7.18)
Posterior portion oF orbit in sphenoid bone
Optic nerve and ophthalmic artery
Stylomastoid Foramen (f
g. 7.20)
Between styloid and mastoid processes
±acial nerve and blood vessels
Superior orbital f
ssure (f
g. 7.18)
Lateral wall oF orbit
Oculomotor, trochlear, and abducens nerves and ophthalmic
division oF trigeminal nerve
Supraorbital Foramen (f
g. 7.17)
Upper margin or orbit in Frontal bone
Supraorbital blood vessels and nerves
±alsely colored
radiographs oF the
skull. (
) Anterior
view. (
) Right lateral
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