We would especially like to thank the participants in a three-
day symposium held during June 2007, during which the
Learn, Practice, Assess model was f
ne tuned, the concept oF
an Ancillary Correlation Guide was developed, and the need
For a Test Bank written by the authors was underscored.
attendees ranged From new instructors to veteran instruc-
tors and Former instructors now in administration.
input was invaluable, and we Feel privileged to have had the
opportunity to interact which such a talented and dedicated
group oF educators (not to mention a Fun group to spend
time with).
Abel Bult-Ito,
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ray D. Burkett,
Southwest Tennessee Community College
Sandra I. Caudle,
John C. Calhoun Community College
Sondra M. Evans,
Florida Community College – Jacksonville
Jared R. Gilmore,
San Jacinto College - Central
Carl ±. Hirtzel,
Oklahoma City Community College
Randy LankFord,
Galveston College
Jason LaPres,
North Harris College
John McNamara,
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Kamal Osman,
Baker College of Flint
Ellen Ott-Reeves,
Blinn College
Robin Robison,
Northwest Mississippi Community College
±elicia Scott,
Macomb Community College – Clinton Twp
Janet Steele,
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Sanjay Tiwary,
Hinds Community College
Marlena K. West,
Madisonville Community College
A special thank you also goes to other Focus group attendees.
Their input was greatly appreciated.
Pegge Alciatore,
University of Louisiana
Sara Brenizer,
Shelton State Community College
Juville Dario-Becker,
Central Virginia Community College
Deanna ±erguson,
Gloucester County College
Pamela ±ouche,
Walters State Community College
Richard Griner,
August State University
Carol Makravitz, SCC,
Luzerne County Community College
Ronald A. Markle,
Northern Arizona University
Joe Schiller,
Austin Peay State University
Mark L. Wygoda,
McNeese State University
Isaac Barjis,
New York City College of Technology
Jerry Barton,
Tarrant County College – South Campus
J. Gordon Betts,
Tyler Junior College
Lois Brewer Borek,
Georgia State University
Scott Dunham,
Illinois Central College
Amy Harwell,
Oregon State University
AlFredo Munoz,
University of Texas at Brownsville
Margaret (Betsy) Ott,
Tyler Junior College
Robert L. Pope,
Miami Dade College
Gregory K. Reeder,
Broward Community College
Hugo Rodriguez Uribe,
University of Texas at Brownsville
Walied Samarrai,
New York City College of Technology
Brad Sarchet,
Manatee Community College
Mitzie Sowell,
Pensacola Junior College
Eric Sun,
Macon State College
Anupama Trzaska,
St. Louis Community College
Anthony Weinhaus,
University of Minnesota
Linda Wooter,
Bishop State Community College
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