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Laboratory Manual for Hole’s Human Anatomy and
by Terry R. Martin, Kishwaukee College,
is designed to accompany the twelfth edition of
Human Anatomy & Physiology
for the twelfth
edition: This laboratory manual now comes in a cat
or fetal pig version!
The Laboratory Manual for
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Terry Martin of Kishwaukee College
is written to coincide with any A&P
• 3 versions—main, cat, and fetal pig
• Includes Ph.I.L.S. 3.0 CD-ROM
• Outcomes and Assessments format
• Clear, concise writing style
Student Supplements
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Instructor Supplements
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Textbook Alternatives
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Electronic Books
If you or your students are ready for an
alternative version of the traditional textbook,
McGraw-Hill eBooks offer a cheaper and eco-
friendly alternative to traditional textbooks.
By purchasing eBooks from McGraw-Hill,
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Other Resources Available
Student Study Guide
by Nancy A. Sickels Corbett offers chapter overviews,
chapter outcomes, focus questions, mastery tests, study
activities, and mastery test answers.
Physiology Tutorials
offers detailed explanations, high quality
illustrations, and animations to provide students with
a thorough introduction to the world of physiology—
giving them a virtual tour of physiological processes.
Physiology Interactive Lab
Ph.I.L.S. 3.0 offers 37 lab simulations
that may be used to supplement or
substitute for wet labs.
Clinical Applications Manual
This manual expands on
Anatomy & Physiology’s
clinical themes, introduces new clinical topics, and
provides test questions and case studies to develop
students’ abilities to apply knowledge to realistic
situations. A print version is available for students.
Contact your McGraw-Hill sales representative
to discuss E-book packaging options.
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